Monkey Book

I Love to write some creative and subjective content to inspire me or others, to become something better in Time.

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English Message to those who follow me:

There is the Monkey who doesn’t See(America), the one who doesn’t Listen (me) and the one who doesn’t talk (Asia):

- In Theory, I am the creative one, while I don't care to build what ever goes into my mind...
- In Theory, the one who doesn't see needs to work with the one who doesn't talk to help the one who doesn't listen
to become better...
  1. While I am the one who doesn’t listen I may think I am the 4º Budhist Monkey..
  1. I add a conversation / discussion menu so anyone is free to tell me something.. in github/repo

  2. This text is to those who may be interested in what I wish to build to everyone!

  3. My will is to show ways to ensure good behavior in society is rewarded, since bad behaviors are rewarded as penalties. ( debts / payments / prison / etc… )

  4. The value of each singlar human is in it’s behavior, while behaviors come from educational principles and desires.

  1. World-Cleaner-Challenge is a way to motivate industry to change ( in Time… ) the way they develop them self’s into business.

    • To ensure good behaviors, good choices, good business…
  2. Is not a system where people give money to help anyone..

    • the only way is by action…
    • money doesn’t solve problems
    • in fact, it motivates people to give their own time to solve others problems.
  3. Does morality / ethics are “superior” values that doesn’t diserve to have economic value associated?

  4. I am open to make this application challenge better…

  1. If “you” want to help me, please tell me. If you don’t like the idea, please tell!
  1. Bitcoins / cryptocoins / whatever-coin is…
  1. how many bitcoins can be generated by computer if computer work 100 years?
  1. how many problems humans can solve and learn in a life time of 100 years?

  2. All living beings rational or not, move ( expressions of life ) because their body owns electricity (in a low level state)…
  3. how does something that is not organic, become more valued than what it is ??? ( life is not infinite )