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I Love to write some creative and subjective content to inspire me or others, to become something better in Time.

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We Will Try to keep things as Simple as Possible


If Time is built within Our Self’s, then Time is Our Self’s, as result of Time it Self

What this application challenge don’t want to be?

What this application challenge aims to be?

This Challenge Targets:


Main Discussion: Coding - 2020

Dive into the World of JavaScript

The functional condition of players is always the same:

  1. Do Action: (when action is done, user jump to rate actions(videos))
  2. Rate Actions (each use need to rate (lets say: 7 videos, then user can do another action)

Player Menus

  1. ShortPathName e.g. NCP (Nature Care Path) : Value e.g. [0] - Result: NPC [0000]
  2. Rating Menu (activated in the end of video)
    • (deny)
    • (approve)

Users Proprieties

Note: If this application grows…

Sensible Data and Storing

  1. Company_name.
  2. Number of Employees
  3. Employee Email
  4. Points / Coins
  5. Users Action Device GPS Points Coords (animation propose)

Not Sensible Data - Temporary Storing

  1. Online Video Stream Link made by User. Lets focus on Youtube API


Video Services

This is a test or maybe this is a challenge

As any contribution is as well, numeric expressions that represent value, money, for each contribution that pass throught all reviews in a pull request, we share a numeric expression that represents value (N)

If this 1 was a dolar is 1 dolar, if this 1 is a euro, is 1 euro, while if is 1 bitcoin is a lot more. So what is the values of this competition actions? Each person is free to associate a single numeric expression that represents value, to the desire value that those actions can represent.