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I Love to write some creative and subjective content to inspire me or others, to become something better in Time.

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Life is Only a Dream

You are the Wood

America Yin (1)

White Tiger +

I am the Fire

Asia Yang (1)

Fire Dragon =

Metal Monkey (1)

The 3 Monkeys

There is the Monkey who doesn’t See(America), the one who doesn’t Listen (me) and the one who doesn’t talk (Asia):

JavaScript and Computer Technology is all about Logic.

Then we split the problem into several pieces..

What else is simplicity if not a bunch of other simplicities in sequence, while all of them represent the complexity it self, which is complex if you wish to understand!

Monkey Ask Dogs and Cats Help

(if you feel it in yourself) as well

Monkey Gifts

It all About Us

Solipsism is a false Philosophic theory, but we all live in that condition!