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White Tiger - America

I am not here to teach you anything!

You already know everything You need to accomplish your Quest, while your choice is the worst.

Therefor, my Choice, is to remember Your Choice!

Even if You don’t need knowledge to conquer Your dream, You shall pay attention to mine.

It will give Everything that You and your Best Enemy can have to accomplish Both Dream.

But You Dear Tiger, You are my Best Enemy, not the Dragon, while I ask Him/Her to create a Path of Shields into America, like the Pope does.

You already know I do not use the same Tools You both use to accomplish my Real Time World Wide Shamanic Quest Dream, and Time is flowing…

Naturally I didn’t Learn so much about myself, while You both Should Care so much.

Not because you are able to Care, but because is a single dream, that is in my head and it can only happen in my own life time! :D

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