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Between Good and Evil

If You wish to fight against “good” and “evil”, you must fight that need to see value and to gain value when searching knowledge. If you use that knowledge, you are being Evil, if You don’t use it, You are not being Evil.

We fight for our own need to gain knowledge ( when we are trying to find knowledge we can assume aspects or proprieties that are benefit or not to some subject.. then in that perspective of knowledge, there is good and/or evil ) but lets face it. it is only a propriety of something bigger that we cannot change, else we will change everything else.

The cycle is always the same.. even when we switch the subject..

Routers deal with this problem better then us.. ( information comes and goes ) they send it to the target of that message and they don’t care or even question the content of that message.

Respect > ( functionality )

It is inevitable to be Evil. From the beginning of time, thinking, reading and writing were acts of Evilness, since knowledge is power because we can use it. Then embrace that reality that is already expressed around you and understand how bad being Evil can be. With that understanding you can make non-Evil choices.

While many believe that being Evil is being implicit, many more believe that being Evil is being explicit. Both are being Evil if they have a second intention. While everything that cares in society this day’s is fully Evil in that perspective, we still embrace that evilness.. So, at the end of this moral story, the explicit way of being the self is less Evil than the way of being the self, implicit.

But lets face it again. Being Implicit cares the way we deal with information and how that information goes into the ones who are paying attention, it give us some freedom to think if is or if is not true what we are listening or even reading. Well, in some moments of life, we ask some expressions without doubts, and if we don’t find them, we become more and more explicit, until we are tired of being explicit or tired of being the self.

Then we face the next level,

which is quitting everything ( which can lead us to some freedom ) or going deeper ( which can lead us to prison or obsession )

By the time I am writing this post, I already know we are all in some prison box. Or the Body and Mind for the Body. Or the Body and Mind for the World.

Here in this box, we are Prisoners of Body and Mind to for the World!.

( 2 in 1 ) or 3

The Body+Mind for the Body (2 in 1 and 2 for 1) OR The Body+Mind for the World ( 2 in 3+ and +3 for 1)

It does make sense to think that 2 for 1 is healthier and 3++ for 1 is less healthier.

But since in society we live in the condition of being body+mind for the world less than being body+mind for the body and mind, let me tell you why you should care to think about one other decision in your life.

If you are being in the flow of Body+Mind for the Body, you just need to keep going and do not care about the others, if you are being in the flow of Body+Mind for the world, you need to stop doing that. You are losing strength, energy, and that condition will lead you to make a lot of mistakes. If you have a choice, care about it.. some have no choice, others don’t care.

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