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I Love to write some creative and subjective content to inspire me or others, to become something better in Time.

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My Mission, Your Mission, Our Mission ( we are one )

I like the idea of God in the sense of being absolute, therefor my choice was Taoism.

At least it doesn’t make any discrimination of any other interpretation.

Buddism doesn’t point to a God but to Buddha as an expression of balance mind in control in reality.

I like Buddism too.

Then Hinduism is the religion that in Time, adapt others religions into them self’s. It is a awesome behavior as a way of integrate the community without discrimination, while for many centuries hinduism create eternal discrimination with Castas. Gladly they release them self’s from it.

Then all others point to God in a way we need to be something else for God, while if we are an expression of God we don’t need to do anything more, if not knowing how to behave in reality. So, I don’t like so much the competition that is between religions. Or all God descriptions point to the same God, or if you make a discrimination of God interpretation, you are being Pagan! then, when you say that other perspective of God is false, you are denying your own perspective of God, because God is Absolute! Absolute means Everything !!! Absolute means Everyone !!!! Everyone interpretation of God !!

Should I be sorry for being the self of a imaginary and fictionary “Hero” of history?

Maybe I do, since it lead you to produce imaginary things with your own mind, which is good, because it means you can think.

But You know, there is no guide if not your hearth to reach any destiny you wish to, while we always should care our illusions in society, because if we don’t Tao/Dao Will. This event I am in, already happen centuries ago, many Times in Time. What does it means?

Yes, we are repeating the same errors, while the reason for them, is because we don’t always accept them or understand them.

There is a Draw in one single Room ( lets imagine this single text file )

For each visitant / reader, the description of the same text is differently described by each reader.

Meaning if God is Eternal, human Kind did develop many perspective of the same idea, that take them to compete which perspective is absolute truth.

All of them are True and False at the same Time.

We don’t need to focus our self’s, into something that is unreachable but in the community it self. Because the idea of Sin is associated to people, not to God. We shouldn’t say that “the good or the evil that happen in Time is because God did wish to, but because human kind did.

It is All About Me - It is All About You


You are the Woods I am the Fire

which means: 1 + 1 = 1 OR 3 ( Tao / Dao ) The Way/Style of God.

Each one of us “everyone” is emotional similar to some animal.

I am the monkey… You know, monkeys are in the trees playing and sometimes they become noisy

I am sure they are trying to help someone else.

In any case, monkeys are not kings of the jungle!!!!

You know.. I feel like, everything I need is someone who see what I do and can make it better ( because that is the propose of life ) and the mechanism of Love!