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True Politics

For me nothing need to change, democracy works perfectly, even more if is like south america democracy ( more people participating, who may be kings or not, who cares if not what useful is the idea, and how each can help ) and in fact I see everyone as no authority but with influences of decisions.

As I try to explain, even without knowing so much about history, we ( brains ) need to fight the single decision of letting go or fighting back.

The way human brain produce the expression of causality and the body is called Spiritual, and then the non body ( what is around ) the condition ( all the reasons )

is logic, while we not always respect that principle.. the principle of respecting each others.. because when there is no respect, and the around information show more disrespect then happen events like mine, an explosion of disrespect!

while I still have conscience about it, I know what I wrote ( We are not what we say, we are what we do ) and for that, what we say is not doing? It is..

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