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Yin(1) + Yang(1) = Tao(1)

Oscar Boom

Since Math is only a numeric expression, lets dive into the origins of life to talk about several principles of life as well.

Yin-Yang ( Tao 道 ). 1+1=1

Tao is the very simplification of all life and all life proprieties.

China describe Tao as “Harmony” and had attributed for each cycle, several meanings and states. Deep Random Meanings Since We are starting the Era of #Fire,

We are starting #Yin Life State. Naturally, All Extreme Politics Approaches come Up again! Not only Tao describe that,

as we all can read that in all News Papers, or feel that is all countries.

Transformation and metamorphosis are the principle of All.

Science always tell us that 1+1=2, but in fact 1+1=1. Why?

Not only in the perspective of #Tao #YinYang, all “objects”, that are add in a equation, must be connected to each other. There is not absolutism, even science don’t deny it, since 0 is infinitely divided to get the value of 1, and will never reach it. All other numbers work with the same concept. To simplify, science assume that each number is absolute, and then we can manipulate them.

PI is one example of numeric infinity.
Now, lets talk about what is the principle of life and Tao.

Since Tao is related to Yin and to Yang, and We are part of Yin Yang souls and bodies frequency, I will use myself to accomplish this proof of concept in real time of Spiritual Life Existence!

In all human life history, this balance was always respected in planet Earth. Earth have several Lands and it’s progressive change is slowly flowing into every territory. We are reaching the end of Yang Age ( Earth Element ) and getting into Yin Age ( Fire Element ). Since I am a Monkey of Metal Element I am Yang. The result of what you are! I am You, You are Me, We Are One!

This means that my decision is crucial to Life existence.

There for, I have no other choice than face my biggest Fears, and All I don’t wish to no one.

( gun’s, war’s and all related military forces that are ready to fight, because like many of them, they know it since they study it )

The Art of War is as well The Art of Peace! To accomplish Tao frequency we can think about Odic force, Laser or even Light, Movement, Wind, Water, Fire!

All elements can be used for care or to destroy!

Math Numeric Expressions are infinite.

Life on Earth is Not Infinite ( if you don’t care it ) All notes shared by me in this page are important for All.

I Bring a World Wide Solution for All: ( not only text and music )

“World Wide Conscience Cleaner” aka WorldCleaner

Since All humans alive and that will be alive are All included in OdicforceSounds Eternal License, You have only two choices: Accept My Gift’s and build a better World Wide System based on Humanity, that will lead us to at least 1000 years of Peace or Face Eternal War, that will lead us all to self destruction.

My Choice (Yang(1)) + Your Choice (Yin(1)) = Our Choice (Tao(1))

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